Where should we go?

Where should we go ?

First of all the best thing to do is joining the [Kamen Joshi concert].

Their concerts are held on weekdays,weekends,and holidays
but I recommend to participate the concerts held on the weekends and holidays
for the beginners.
Reason is that the part of weekends and holidays version is free.

The way to go to the Kamenjoshi-cafe (place where the concerts are held)
is very simple.
It’s just around 5 minutes from Akihabara station.

Here is the map. ↓

The 7th and 8th floor of the Pacela building are the concert hall.
You might get puzzled but do not hesitate to enter the building.

1) Entry 10:45am Exchange the ticket you recieved at Family-mart(convenience store )
at the Kamenjoshi exclusive reception desk on the 1st floor of Pacela building.
Also you must need to pay 500yen as a one drink fee.

An advance ticket fee 2500yen( plus consumption tax ) and one drink charge 500yen ( consumption tax included )

2)Opening of a performance
1st part 11:00am

Opening for the free part 15:00pm

3) Photography event( Cheki-kai ) and handshake session

※Photography event ( called Cheki-kai ) is a aexcellent service which the participants are able to
take pictures with the menbers of Kamenjoshi with the instant camera.

Handshake session is a service that participants are able to handshake with all the members in the one unit
by purchasing their CD or any goods more than 1000yen. It’s a chance to have short conversation with them too.

These events are held after the end of 1st part of the concert and also after the end of free part.

*An advance tickets are available at Famiport at Family mart( convinience store)

Special concerts,events such as birthday celebration concerts at Kamen-joshi cafe,concerts outside the Kamen-joshi cafe and also their expedition information can be checked from below.

▶︎Official site for Kamen-joshi cafe↓

Basic Performance Schedule

Opening of the cafe Opening of the performance End of the performance End of selling goods
1st part 17:30 17:45 19:05※a 19:50
2nd part 20:00 20:15 21:35 22:25
Weekends and holidays
Opening of the cafe Opening of the performance End of the performance End of selling goods
1st part 10:30 11:00 13:40 14:35
Free part※b 14:45※c 15:00 16:10 16:50
2nd part 18:00 18:15 20:50※d 22:00
2nd part for special events 18:00 18:15 20:50 22:55

※a  There is a case to be prolonged by circumstances for up to approximately 20 minutes.
※b  Somtimes free part of the concert are not held so please check it carefully.Leaving while their performance and reentry are possible.
※c  Cannot wait for their enter no more that one hour ahead of time.
※d  On the days of special events end of the performace could possibly get to 21:15pm irregularly.

  • Can possibly enter from 14:45pm for the free part.Leaving while their performance and reentry are also possible.
  • There are cases of slight changes in Opening hour of the cafe.
  • 1People who joined the 1st part are able to stay in the hall after
    their End of performance and can entry the free part preferentially.
  • Time of the performance can be changed without any notice.
  • People using the Buffet area are available to use the Standing area without any additional charge.
  • Absence of the members and the appearance of the members other than the unit member are noticed on each indivisual’s blog and twitter
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