My nickname name is NONARIN. So Please call me NONARIN.
This site is a personal site for myself who became a fan of Kamen Joshi.

One of the Japanese  in the idol group Kamen Joshi(Masking girls) had heard of it on TV, but I did not know at all what kind of girls in any group.

But, something is an opportunity, so I became very interested and actually I went and started to feel interesting and enjoyable and I was gradually getting more interested.

For masked girls, there are many other girls such as Masked girls’ candidates, singing and dancing, sometimes contravening something.

I want more people to know about Masking girls.

Please visit my website since I’ll try my best making this page for introducing
them to the beginner like me and also for the foreigners ( Please forgive my poor English though ) .

By the way I’m a Chitan (Otter)fan !

Masking girls are the representative idol for Japanese (Moe) culture.

I’d especially like foreign people that are visiting Japan to know about them.


In the dictionaries this Japanese word is explained as
[It is a slang that describes an unilateral strong feelling of attachment,
passion,and greed to certain things and person but not necessary mean the feeling of love.
This word began to used among the people who loves animations and comics around 1990.
That’s why an aerial person was the center at the start, but there is no positive definition,
which describes many deferent goodwill feelings towards the objects.
As a conclusion it is a same kind of emotional change when holding pretty cat. (*’ω’*)
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