Whats is the Kamen Joshi

Masking girls are group of performig girls when we describe them simply.

They are broadly devided in 3 units.

Aris 10 with a JASON’s mask,
Steam girls with a GAS-MASK,
and Armour girls with a Iron mask.
There are more units but these 3 units are the main.

Please just make a mental note in the beggining about this
since I’ll be writing about the other units later.

There are many Masking girls cadets also!
By the way here are the units.

Armour girls (with a Iron mask.)
Steam girls (with a GAS-MASK.)
Aris 10 (with a JASON’s mask.)
There are also plenty of deriving units such as
Pureful,Slimegirls,Pink Crackers which is a Youchuber unit and so on.
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