Kanon Mori’s Graduation


Kanon Mori graduated from Kamenm-joshi.This is the movie of her graduation concert.

Graduation from the Kamen-joshi/Aris-Jubna for Kanon Mori was held at Kamen-joshi-cafe at Akihabara/Tokyo on July 7th 2018.
The hall was fully covered with blue which is her color and performed 27 songs as Kamen-joshi,solo,and Aris-juban in the second part.
I joined both 1st and the 2nd part of the concert that was held in the afternoon.
She was so poweful.
Her last word was [ I have no regrets in my life as an idol ].
Her last words was like the words of Rao( character in the Hokuto-no-ken )and I felt it was so wonderful.
She made me feel that I would like to be so.

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